Frequently Asked Questions

Presto is a Bangalore-based startup with a fun, respectful and positive work culture and a team so diverse that the combined experience of the ninja team could be mind boggling. We are constantly looking for people to join our team in these roles:

  • What is an app? How does it work?

    Think of an app as an icon, which when clicked, launches an application that interacts with the user and allows him to receive and send information, play or simply view information or images. It is no different than how icons work on your PC or how a Call button works on your phone.

  • I have a website, my business is pretty much running fine, why do I need an app?

    The entire world is has moved to mobile. Smartphone penetration is higher than PC's. Just as you have a business card, website, the app on the mobile is a necessity to keep up with times. And it comes with its fruits.
    Studies show that if I have an app on my phone, I am 75% more likely to use that merchant than any other*. There is the first mover advantage, and it is very clear. It is also a win-lose situation. If your competitor has his app in the consumer pocket – chances are you will have to really work hard to get that customer. So it makes sense to get into the consumer's mobile as a first mover.
    An app is your personal window to your customer. You can reach them with a personal message, showcase your products and season specials, engage them with loyalty programs, offer deals, and much more. It is as good a store front as your real shop.

  • Can you really get me customer specific data?

    Nope, we don't play with any confidential data. We don't store it. We don't access it. We run general, non-personal analytics, which allows you to see trends, understand conversations and make sense out of those. The data is grouped, by location, demographics etc. to provide you with meaningful, actionable information.

  • What is unique about your service?

    Design driven, speed of execution and versatility of the platform.

  • Okay, you got me so far. What do I need to do?

    Think about your business objectives. What is most important for you – people purchasing products from your app, writing reviews, getting loyalty points, you keeping them happy with deals and generating promotions – all of those, or a combination of those. Once you have that figured, pick the right plan.
    Then visit the website and you will see the steps. The ingredients you need to have are
    A) Your contact information
    B) Logo and pictures o f your products
    C) Menu / catalog / services or your offering
    That is enough to get you started.

  • Sounds complicated, I am not sure I am up for it. How can Presto simplify this?

    Sure, just give us a call @ +91 9611 544 994 or send an email to and we will navigate it for you.

  • Once it is launched, what would I need to do?

    Sit back and enjoy. No just kidding. There are three ways of affecting the mobile app engagement: a) Discovery of the app: People will discover your app at the point of sale, through your posters, at your website and through their friends. Make sure all of the methods in your hand are taken care
    b) Downloads: We are providing a technology solution that can help speed up the download, happy to provide you that.
    c) Continuous engagement: Use tips, todays' specials, seasonal offerings, flash deals, loyalty points, etc. that help customers see your merchandise and fresh appeal.
    d) Work with our partner program for Digital marketing / social media and Download support to get your business on the consumer mobiles. We hold your hand to navigate the complex download business.

  • What would Presto do then?

    Presto will provide your customers with updates, notifications, tracking their orders, channel their feedback, collect it and segregate it.

  • Which other players in my field have this kind of mobile presence?

    Leading brands have all started producing their own apps. Zara, Gucci, AE, CPK, Dunkin donuts, schools, everyone is getting their app done. And all these guys have an access to aggregators too.

  • How much would it cost me?

    Depends upon the feature list you pick and number of outlets you have.

  • What is PRESTO?

    PRESTO is an out of the box solution for Enterprises and SME's that allows them to Acquire, Engage, Convert and Retain their customers with a beautifully crafted mobile application and a comprehensive / robust engine powering it. PRESTO offers this as a SAAS model – subscription service, so that the enterprises don't have to deploy any infrastructure or man management for technology

  • What does PRESTO offer?

    PRESTO is more than just technology. It offers, along with its own technology, an ecosystem of partners who work with our portfolio companies to provide services that help Acquire (Lead generation, digital marketing, social media management, Referral engine), Engage (Promotions through technology and offline means, Event management), and Convert (Beautiful design, product placement, the app and website, benefits of affiliates, experiences) Retain (Business analytics, Discount-Coupon Management) users.
    The intent of Presto is to offer, superb user experience, easy discovery of your products, high brand recall through notifications and affiliated marketing, a friction-less checkout experience and your own loyalty program shared with multiple enterprises.

  • What are the PRESTO platform features?

    PRESTO platform supports three distinct services:
    - M-commerce / e-commerce (merchant to consumer sales in the most direct manner)
    - Scheduling / Reservation
    - On-demand-service / P2P service (Field force model)
    In all of the services the following features are standard:
    - Cart functionality (shopping cart with Cash / Online payment possibility)
    - Store locator (Google maps showing the enterprise stores across the globe)
    - Discount coupon / offers / deals
    - Referrals (incentive for one customer to refer the merchant to another) for customers to act as marketers
    - User Credentials are all maintained, and stored securely.
    - Push Notifications to allow you to keep your customers abreast of your offering, events, alerts, deals, coupons – we are going as far as providing pictures in such notifications
    - Reporting and analytics: Basic reports, Google Analytics, and providing the merchant with billing information, revenue and cost split reports and usage of the service all from one system.
    - Hosted and maintained solution with a world class, highly secure, infrastructure (AWS) that is controlled from a centralized dashboard to manage outlets, catalog and orders – all at the tip of a button. The infrastructure is currently implemented for 10,000 TPS and is scalable for millions of transactions per day. The entire system is based on Open Source Tech components, which allows the Merchants to get avoid paying any heavy licensing fees for Unix / Databases / and other software which itself may run into thousands of dollars / year.
    PRESTO has now gone ahead and started offering more advanced features like:
    - Multiple outlet – multiple catalog options. Merchant now has the option of providing different products / prices / delivery options from different locations and the end-user only sees the menu / products relevant to his delivery destination. This is highly relevant for an online-offline integration since it allows the merchant to operate “dark stores / kitchens” and serve previously unserved areas
    - Location auto-detect – Customers served for a radius from an outlet are automatically detected and provided the service
    - Tracking the Orders – Available as a platform feature now the PRESTO enabled apps can show the end-user whether the order was accepted / dispatched / delivered or postponed. All of this is integrated to the delivery process

  • How will this app help me in increasing my business, revenues et al?

    By itself it will do as much as your business card. For the first time you will know your customer and vice versa, you can encourage repeat purchases, you can reduce your churn and help you improve your products and portfolio.

  • Apps are all about downloads. How would the customers discover my app?

    At multiple places. From your website, promotional print media, cash counter, and from friends. And we help you for all of them.

  • I am already having a WhatsApp, I am present on Facebook, and I am listed on Zomato as well. What do I get extra?

    Foremost we let you maintain your identity. As a merchant that is our primary focus. We are enabling merchants seamlessly move into the mobile era and be able to compete with other players on equal footing – in the process democratizing the tech field.
    All of these are general-purpose websites or aggregators. They are complimentary, but don't do the entire job. The messages are not private, the loyalty programs cannot be implemented, and you as a merchant would never know who received your deal offers and if they ever looked at them. With a dedicated app all of that is possible.
    The aggregators are not cheap either. In fact for the top 3 scrolls of the mobile, you need to pay the aggregator – for the same money you can easily acquire your exclusive subscriber base.
    Also, we have seen a lot of aggregators going out of business. Surely, that risk is pretty high to put your business with them. The app is more than a tool, however, it depends you on how you use it. It needs continuous engagement from you if you want the same from your customers.

  • What other features do you plan to bring out and how would they help me?

    We are trying to improve, discovery of your app, and the engagement of the customer with your store through your app. All features are designed for those. Gamification is one area we are looking at present to enhance this experience.

  • Yet another app company. Couple of day's back two guys came and said they could make an app for me. How are you guys different from them?

    We are not typical app developers. Most of the standard app developers, pick a services project, deliver an app and then say ciao. They charge you upfront fees to create the app, and charge you to make any changes. If you don't have a design, they may or may not provide you with good design. They are likely to put a developer (android or IOS) who will functionally give you an app, and charge you some maintenance for the app. The bill just keeps rising for everything you want them to do.
    However, with us you get an app, which provide you with exactly what you need, and is ready in lesser time than anyone else can offer, and without paying anything upfront. You know exactly what features you are going to get, and you can choose what you want and pay accordingly. You scale really fast if you want to implement it across multiple outlets and at very marginal cost increase.
    And most important of all, you get world leading design, without hiring your own design team. You get great user experience, since the platform we have developed is constantly enhancing. We are innovating all the time, and picking another feature would be just like buying a top up for your pre-paid SIM card.

  • Can I exit the plan?

    Yes, of course, anytime. However, we'd appreciate to know the reasons. If the reason is “not enough activity, or not enough downloads” we'd like to work with you to improve those parameters.