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PRESTO has its roots in the F&B vertical

Driving deep domain expertise the platform was created to map multiple consumer journeys, and create features that
  • Ease the entire on-boarding process
  • Enable the user experience for quick and frictionless purchase
  • Ensure incentives for end users to engage frequently and bring their family and friends to the store.

Cart Functionality

PRESTO provides a highly frictionless checkout experience.


Order tracking

The ordering once complete can be detected on the phone though stage indicators.



From creating a Pizza with different base, sizes, toppings to a buffet that allows multi-selection of items (similarly priced) for a one-ticket Item


Catalog Viewer

Provides the view to the merchandise on the phone with description, pricing, quantity and qualifiers(e.g. suitable for vegetarians, fat content, build from etc.)


Push Notifications

Tapping into the user behavior of responding to push notifications.


User Credentials

PRESTO captures the end user credentials for providing smooth checkout experience.


Social Sharing

Enterprises need social media to reach new users, let their products be known


Discount Engine

Enterprises can incentivize their customers, as well as manage idle capacity better by offering deals.


Click to call

Allows the end user to connect to the enterprise without typing the number into a dialer


Referral engine

The most loyal customers are the best marketers. This feature incentivizes customers to refer merchandise, service or the enterprise to their friends and family members.


Ratings and Recommendation

In order to provide quantitative feedback for the quality of service or products, PRESTO provides an item based / service based (end of service) or even the entire experience to be rated by the user.


Store Locator

Google maps based view to provide the location of single or multiple outlets with drive directions.


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